Solution for private areas
Collaboration with TD "Vedatranzit" (Minsk, Belarus)

  • No control over access to the private areas of third parties;
  • No reports about visitors.

Solution consists of two parts: hardware for control gates, barriers, etc., and mobile application for remotely control access to the private areas.

Hardware part needs to be directly installed in private areas. It connects to the Cloud Server via Internet.

Mobile application "BYGATES" allows user to

  • Open/close gates remotely;
  • Give third parties access to the private area with predefined limits;
  • Monitor activity history.

System was released in May 2019 and installed in fifteen private areas. Our users emphasize following advantages:

  • Convenience in providing access to the private area to third parties;
  • No need for special gate key;
  • Full private area access management;
  • Ease in hardware installation.